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Today, the market for CBD oils, CBD vapes and other CBD products is developing very rapidly. Many people are becoming more and more aware of this substance. However, a huge number of people still do not know and have not heard anything about CBD cannabidiol. And they may be wondering, what is cannabidiol CBD? It happened because CBD started its active distribution relatively recently.rnIn 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law. Which allowed the cultivation and use of hemp in the United States. From that moment began an incredible growth in the market for cannabinoids and the main cannabinoid, called cannabidiol CBD.rnSo CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural chemical found in cannabis flowers. CBD is one of over 60 different cannabinnoids. And one of over 400 natural substances found in cannabis plants.rnPerhaps you have concerns about the cannabis plant. After all, many are accustomed to the fact that cannabis is a psychoactive substance whose circulation is limited by law. And therefore, it is immediately worth noting that CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, even if it comes from cannabis plants. Because the psychoactive effect of euphoria gives only one cannabinoid called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). And it is he who falls under legislative regulation, but we will talk about him later.rnCannabis plants produce over 400 different natural compounds. Some of them are universal and can be produced by other plants. But about 60 of these substances are unique and produced only by cannabis plants. These compounds were named and classified as cannabinoids. And cannabidiol CBD is one of them. It is the second most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis and is completely separate from the THC cannabinoid.